Used and waste tyre recyling plant with less labor and less power consumption

Used and waste tyre recyling plant with less labor and less power consumption
Product Details
Used and waste tyre recyling plant with less labor and less power consumption

Automatic Waste Radial Tire Recycling Plant FCC10000/40




Waste radial tire recycling processing procedure

1/remove the bead wire from the tires(Debeader)

2/shred the tires into 50x50mm rubber chips(Tyre Shredder)

3/granulate chips into 8-18mm rubber granules(Granulator)

4/separate scrap steel wire(Electromagnet separator)

5/separate the coarse fiber(Vibrating screen)

6/grind rubber granule to be 20-40mesh rubber powder(Grinders)

7/separate the residual steel wire(Magnet separator)

8/cool down powder temperature(Shaking screen)

9/separate and grade rubber powder(3layer vibrating screen)

10/weigh and pack rubber powder with 25kg/bag (Auto Packer)

11/purify dust,smoke and smell(Purifier)

12/water cool down machine(circular water cooling system)

13/control and monitor(PLC controlling system)


Output product

70% 20-40mesh rubber powder









Main parameters

1/Input material: recycle 1500kg/hour waste radial tires with max diameter 1200mm,machine can work continuously 24hours per day.   

2 /Output product: 20-40mesh rubber powder                                                                                   3/Automatic system,3 workers per shift.                                                                                               

4/ The plant building space with cover required::50x8x8m. 

5/ Circular cooling water tank required: 2x1.8x1.6m                                                                         

6/The total weight approx 50 tons and four 40-feet containers needed for the shipping.

7/Rated Power:380kw,the real electricity consumption:266kw*h


Advantages of Radial tyre recycling plant FCC10000/40

1/This plant is specially designed to process radial tyres to be 20-40mesh rubber powder(the main material for modified asphalt and reclaimed rubber)

2/This plant can not process bias tyres(nylon fiber tyres).

For the bias tyres,this plant should add the extra fiber separator

3/This plant is fully automatic plant,it is a automatic continuous processing by the machine from waste tyres shredding(without bead wire) to rubber powder size separation and packing with 25kg/bag .

4/This plant is totally eco-friendly plant.there are the dust,smoke and smell dust and ash fly in the work shop and no rubber granules and dust fall down to the floor,no smoke and smell,no waste water discharge to the environment.

5/The plant is equipped with PLC controller and monitor.

6/The sample plant in the video is available for selling,the delivery time is 30days.


Waste Tyre recycling equipment -sample line

Company Information

Yuntong started tire recycling machine manufacturing since 1999 till now.all these years only focus on tire recycling technique and machine innovation and promotion.In China,Yuntong is the technique top leading company in tire recycling machine manufaturing.

Yuntong can offer the unit tire shredder,granulator,grinder and fiber,steel separator machine for customers; Yuntong can offer the whole completed waste tires recycling plants ;besides Yuntong can offer the turnkey tire recycling solutions with customers requirements.

With rich manufacturing experience and depth knowledge in marketing,Yuntong machine has been exported to Canada ,Australia,Cezch,Cyprus,Iran,Russia,Uzbekistan,Turkmenistan,Saudi,Tobago, 

Peru,China,India,Indonesia ect many countries. 

tire recycling solutions.jpgtire recycling plant.jpg

Waste Tire devrived material

Packaging of tire recycling machine and equipment:

1/wrapped well with plastic film

2/then packed tightly with customized woodcases

Yuntong tire recycling plant

tire recycling machine.jpg