Rubber tile,rubber brick and rubber mat manufacture machine

Rubber tile,rubber brick and rubber mat manufacture machine
Product Details

For rubber tiles production:

The raw material required:

0.5-5mm recycled Rubber Granules,Binder, Pigment or EPDM

The equipment required:

To produce 50*1250px rubber tiles

One piece Rubber Tile Vulcanizing Machine XLB-D550×550/0.5MN

Four sets moulds

One piece mixer

rubber tiles

Rubber tile machine.png


rubber tile press machine

Rubber tile press machine


Pressure:50 Ton

Plate size:550×550×55 mm

Distance between deck:150mm

Piston diameter : Φ200

Quantity of deck:4

Hydraulic system pressure:16.0Mpa

Piston stroke:260mm



This Rubber Tile press machine require 4 set moulds and can produce 50*1250px rubber tiles with thickness can be adjusted.




Mixing time(Min):2-5




The machine is used to mix rubber granule    for making rubber tile.Feed rubber granules,dye powder and adhesive,then mix them       evenly.After this,you can mold rubber brick of different specifications with them.

End products:rubber tiles

rubber matsblob.pngblob.pngblob.png

blob.pngblob.png     blob.png

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